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We're all working to get better at life, step by step, day by day. Karmahacks helps build career, self-confidence, and well-being. With daily tips and simple "hacks" for the workplace and beyond, Karmahacks brings you closer to the satisfaction and success you deserve.


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Who's behind this?

Ellen Petry Leanse

Leadership coach, Google and Apple alum, startup advisor, mom of three. Believes in the people who are shaping our future, more and more each day. Passionate about sharing life skills, encouraging growth and confidence, and watching people stand in their light. Makes art whenever possible. 


Lauren Bacon

Writer, coach, tech entrepreneur, and advisor. Working to infuse more generosity and soul into work and business. Helps people discover their own definition of success, and live and work in alignment with it. Believes in the power of curiosity – and asks a lot of questions.