A digital Namaste as we take first steps

One week may not seem like a lot of time, but somehow today, Sunday July 26, seems like a milestone in what already feels like a significant journey.

It’s a seven-day anniversary of sorts, because only last week we revved up to start sharing daily “micro-practices” – small, short activities focused on elevating awareness and new habits – with the first wave of Karmahacks beta testers.

Our first module, “Outsmarting Imposter Syndrome,” guides participants through 30 days of new thoughts and practices about the stress and anxiety Imposter Syndrome imposes. The first week, focused on Awareness, introduces ways of understanding when and why that “imposter” feeling flares up.

Next week the theme is “Alternatives” – new things to try or do when that “imposter” feeling starts to creep in. Even if you’re not in the beta, you can get a few tips on those through blog posts we’ll share this week, and on Twitter.

Week Three focuses on Application: putting into practice the things we’ve explored and checking in with the difference we’re feeling. The final week, “Activation,” is about beginning to lead with the new practices so that we’re proactively staving off that imposter feeling (or understanding the value of the signal it gives us) as we move forward.

Mostly I want to say thank you and offer a humble, grateful digital Namaste to all who have joined us so far in these early steps toward the Karmahacks vision. Some of you have sent us messages sharing what you’ve noticed and learned in this short week. How can you NOT have a great week when a member of your beta community sends this:

“…truly speaks to my soul and is inspiration to work hard, to learn how to manage my mental demons (like Imposter Syndrome!), and to keep dreaming big. To get wisdom every day for an entire month is a dream come true! The Karmahacks mission is invigorating and I know it will change my life.”

(Thank you, Karmahacks user.)

A few of you have told me about “Aha” moments that have helped you take a new look at thoughts that have challenged you before.

And many of you beta testers – the majority, wonderfully – have responded to the questions we’ve shared, journaling your process as you learn to “think different” about the stress we sometimes feel in new situations.

Thank you to all of you, friends, supporters, beta testers, and my incredible collaborator Lauren for an amazing first week. Please let us know how we can make Karmahacks of service to you as together we shape the path on an inspiring journey.

Humble bow,